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Step-by-step Tutorial on How to Make An Order

8 months ago

Want to know how to apply for free products or have trouble or confusion about making the application. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide that will teach you how to make a successful order. 

Step 1: Sign in and find your favorite product.

Log in and find the detailed products you want by clicking the "TEST PRODUCTS" tab or the "Test Products" button. 

There are ten categories, offer a wide range of products such as health & Beauty, Babies & Kids toys, Electronics, Home & Garden, and more with almost 3000 stocks. 

Also, you can use the upper search bar to locate the product quickly. 

Step 2: Apply for it by clicking “Apply Now”.

Take seconds to browse the mentioned tips and have a brief view of the following steps.  

Hit the "Confirm to Apply" and go on. 

However, the following steps may be a little complicated, but step by step will keep your AMZ account safe to a great extent. So you cannot be too careful.

Copy keywords

Locate the product on AMZ

Go to and enter the copied keywords in the search box. 

Check whether the product you choose is exactly the one on Rebatest, comparing the product image, price, brand, store name, and title information, etc. It may take you several minutes. Be patient. 

Verify the product

Then copy and enter the product AMZ in the blank and enter it and click the "Verify Product" button. Our system will automatically check whether the link matches. 

Match successfully

 It shows that you have got the target product. Purchase it on AMZ, then go back to submit the order number within 4 hours

Fail to match

If all attempts fail, you can still have the alternative way. 

Click the link, follow the tips and get the link eventually.

More tips you may need:

1. If you haven't submitted your Amazon public profile link, the window will pop up after hit "Apply for the product now." 

Click here to know how to submit the amazon profile link.

2. Know more about the application status: Go to your profile and tap “My application”.

3. Watch the video guide.

That's all. It's a bit time-consuming but well worth it.