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How Do I Earn Money from Refer-A-Friend?

9 months ago

Rebatest provides contribution points and bonuses to our members for spreading the word about earning cashback. The requirement and bonus amount can vary.

How does the referral system work?

Each registered member has a unique referral link. You can see it after signing in to Rebatest and visiting the Refer-A-Friend page. You need to send your link to friends via email, text, or social media. If they sign up via your link and make the following steps, you can win points or bonuses.

To get all your current referral details, go to Refer A Friend from your Rebatest account.

Tip: As long as your membership reaches VIP1 or above, you can directly attain bonuses from Level 1 and Level 2 orders.

Can I see how many friends I invite and how much money I have won?

Tab to My Affiliates or My Rewards. You can see the details.