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How Do I Promote My Referral Links?

9 months ago

There are many places where you can promote your referral links, such as blog, your website, Facebook, YouTube, and anywhere; however, if you can grasp the below strategies of placing the link, which can significantly increase the success rate.

Tip: You can get the unique referral link and copy it by visiting the Refer-A-Friend page.

Blog and comments

You can write posts, product reviews, or make video instructions so that you can get ranked in the search engines. Improve your search engine rankings, so your traffic increases. So do your referrals. Learning some SEO skills will boost it. 

You can respond to your blog subscribers' comments and slip your referral link in the answer if it is relevant. You can also respond to comments on other popular blogs in your niche. 

The key to promoting your referral links with a blog is to create valuable and helpful content for the reader.

Forum or Article Directory

You can share your referral link in the forum. It is the best way of sharing knowledge. In the forums, you will have many places to share and answer based on the question. Also, you can submit content and promote your referral links. 

Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube)

If you have a Facebook fan page with many followers, you can write product review posts. However, be careful with this method as Facebook has reduced fan pages' opportunities to promote their organic followers' posts.

You can also create a YouTube channel specifically for product reviews or as an educational platform to recommend the referral product. Make sure to place the referral link within your description box, cloak the referral link, and use the cloaking tools I mentioned above.