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Two Ways to Apply for More Products

9 months ago

It may happen to you that the vouchers are insufficient to apply for more products, especially in the middle or late of the month. The vouchers are distributed on a monthly basis. The volume of the common vouchers and featured vouchers vary according to different levels. 

The 2 ways below make it incredibly easy to apply for more products. Follow the instructions and choose one or two that fit you much. 

1. Attain more contribution points to level up the membership

Those who are in the higher level own more vouchers. So, upgrade your current level is the conventional way out. 

2.Apply for report-only items

Applying for the items in report-only zone is a shortcut as the zone is open for all users, no matter what your level is.  These items don't need any reviews on Amazon. However, they are always limited quantities available.

That’s it! Easier than you thought? We hope so!!