How can I do with contribution points?

Contribution point is the only criterion for membership upgrade. The more contribution points you earn, the higher VIP level you will reach. There are a variety of ways to gain them by finishing the specific steps. Please go to My Profile->Level & Benefits.

What are vouchers for?

Vouchers are distributed on a monthly basis, which are given out on the 1st of each month and expire by the end of the month. The quantity and type of vouchers vary with different VIP levels. The higher VIP level you reach, the more vouchers you will be given. There are two types of vouchers: common vouchers and featured vouchers. Featured vouchers can be used for applying for products with "Featured" tags, which are featured with high-quality and worth at least $30. The featured vouchers are only available for VIP 1 or above members.

Why the order No. confirmation is pending?

Generally speaking, the order No. will be confirmed by the seller within 4 days. If in excess of 4 days, you can directly contact our customer service, they will help you out of it.

The product you apply for doesnt exist on Amazon, how to fix it?

It may happen, when the item is very hot with limited quantity. Follow the interface tutorial, hit “Copy Keywords” and search it with the provided keywords on Amazon. No matter whether it’s available or not, highly recommend you to copy the Amazon link back to our system and go on “Verify Product”, you will see whether the link matches or not. If matches, that’s to say the item is really unavailable now. If not, you can manage to get the correct link via step-by-step tips.

Have made the effort to try the above two methods, while it’s still unavailable. You have to give up the item and pick some other similar product instead.

How can I find my Amazon profile link?

1) Open the amazon.com link in your mobile phone browser.

2) Click “Account”.

3) Find “Manage your Profiles”-click “Amazon Public Profile”.

4) Click “share” icon- click “copy” icon to paste link to our website.

Why I can’t leave a live review on Amazon?

There are multiple reasons for review failure, such as the review message unrelated to the buying experience or violates one of Amazon guidelines, etc. If the common review doesn’t work, you can try to leave a video or rating the product, then send the screenshot to our email: support@rebatest.com. We will fix it for you.

Why I can’t receive the PayPal Verify code?

The code is sent to the PayPal email. It might in the Spam if you can’t find it in Inbox. In order not to miss any email from us, we strongly recommend you to add our email name (service@rebatest.net) to the white list.

Here is the Whitelist Email Addresses In Gmail guideline for your reference. https://downtimemonkey.com/blog/how-to-whitelist-an-email-address-in-gmail.php

If still not work, please contact us with your Rebatest account, we will help you solve it.

Why I can’t get cashback?

Generally speaking, cashback failure happens due to 2 reasons. Firstly, if you haven't done the required step in the set time, the order will be automatically closed. And you can’t get the rebate. Secondly, you haven’t left at least a live review (which can be successfully detected by our system), as long as you have applied a review-needed items (exclude report-only zone). If none of the above condition, please feel free to contact us, we will assist you in resolving it.

Why there is an amount difference between the actual rebate and payment?

It’s worth to noting that you can get the rebate of product price, which can’t cover the 4.4% PayPal fee and possible mailing cost. However, it’s still a big deal.

Sometimes, you may find the product price difference from its selling price on Amazon. In the situation, you can issue a price different dispute, when you submit the order number, then the seller will confirm it. Meanwhile, send the payment detail to support@rebatest.com, so we will fix it for you.