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Business Development Manager in London:

  • 1.Expand and manage Rebatest business in London: market, promote cooperation between Rebatest and small merchants and maintain business partnerships;
  • 2.Be good at team management and carry out all-round training and supervision for BD personnel,and be responsible for the number of team cooperation;
  • 3.Do well in core KPI:Be responsible for the number of merchant cooperation and the number of new user growth in the state;
  • 4.Analyze the characteristics of the localized market, plan personalized marketing, and precipitate methodology for the healthy development of local businesses.

User Growth Manager:

  • 1.Using business analysis and research to discover opportunities for business growth to increase customer acquisition and reduce customer acquisition costs;
  • 2.Propose targeted strategies by exploring business diversion scenarios to increase the conversion rate of customer traffic;
  • 3.Establish and improve data and experimental tools related to user growth, explore to increase the scale of customer acquisition and repurchase consumption executing quickly;
  • 4.Establish the user growth strategy model of the platform, refine related work, and precipitate the methodology to make it instrumental;
  • 5.Be responsible for the data goals, and work with the project team to achieve the data goals.

Senior User Operations Manager:

  • 1.Be responsible for the new addition of Rebatest users and the promotion of paid conversion, and be familiar with the old belt new and fission growth model;
  • 2.Be responsible for building new conversion operation tools and platforms, and promote optimization of link efficiency;
  • 3.Use industry competition product tracking, user research, data analysis and other methods to output strategy suggestions.

Resume delivery mailbox

Hr: Fiona



  • 1. 负责rebatest业务在英国伦敦市场拓展管理,推动rebatest与小商户的合作及商户合作关系维护;
  • 2. 团队管理,对BD人员进行全方位的培训,监督,以及对团队的合作达成数量负责;
  • 3. 核心KPI:所负责的州的商户合作数量以及新用户增长数;
  • 4. 分析本地化市场特点,策划个性化营销,为地推业务健康发展沉淀方法论。


  • 1. 通过业务分析与研究,发现自身业务增长机会,提升获客量,降低获客成本;
  • 2. 探索业务引流场景,通过有针对性的策略,提高获客流量转化率;
  • 3. 建立和完善用户增长相关的数据和实验工具,寻找和探索提升 获客规模、复购消费并快速执行;
  • 4. 建立平台的用户增长策略模型,细化相关工作,并能沉淀方法论,并工具化;
  • 5. 对数据目标负责,与项目团队共同达成数据目标。


  • 1. 负责rebatest用户新增和付费转化提升,熟悉老带新、裂变增长模式;
  • 2. 负责拉新转化运营工具和平台搭建,推动优化链路效率;
  • 3. 通过行业竞品跟踪、用户调研、数据分析等方法,输出策略建议。




Resume delivery mailbox

Hr: Fiona


If you're interested,please send your pensonal info to us.


人事主管: Fiona




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